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Diamonds That Deserve a Frame

Picture the diamond of your dreams in your wedding photo. Sparkling, brilliant, symbolizing your love, doesn't it deserve a frame? There's no doubt you'll frame that wedding photo. Many fashionable brides will also frame their diamond—in diamonds, of course. New engagement ring styles surround the center diamond with a diamond frame. Some are a single circle of diamonds. Others double the impact with two rows. Not only does this make the diamond dazzle with extra brilliance, it also makes it look larger. For the rest of your life, your dazzling ring will catch your eye as you write a thank you note, change channels on the remote, and wave hello. Doesn't every day deserve a little extra sparkle?

— Cheryl Kremkow

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Platinum and diamond “FlushFit” engagement ring with three oval diamonds weighing about a carat and two-row pavé shank by Precision Set.