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Diamonds: Expanding the Circle
Buyer's Choice

What are the most important diamond jewelry pieces in your case today? We asked retailers to pinpoint the best SKUs in their diamond jewelry categories.

As you might expect, the circle pendant is still hanging on as the most important fashion item, with many retailers expanding their selections to include matching earrings and bracelets, other geometric shapes, and designer versions. Innovative variations on the circle pendant are everywhere. Accents of rose gold, oval shapes, and triple-circle three-stone pendants may attract customers who haven't yet bought the simple version.

Will the circle last until Christmas? Most retailers say it will, especially with the addition of bracelets and earrings that have turned this one must-have item into a whole diamond jewelry category. If everyone who bought the pendant last year returns for matching pieces, circles should be important this holiday season also.

On the bridal side, it's more about the diamond and less about the setting. Engagement diamonds are getting bigger, and the settings are getting a bit simpler and lighter, more delicate. Round and princess cuts still dominate, although cushion shapes are surprisingly strong for many stores. Three-stone diamond jewelry also remains important for many stores.

Fashion-forward retailers report brisk sales of earrings, long layered necklaces, and rose cuts. The fortunate few are also selling fancy colors.

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Rose gold and diamond pendant from Damiani
Forties flair in an 18k rose gold and diamond pendant from the new Sophia Loren collection by Damiani, (877) 326-6900.