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Diamond Jewelry Beacons
Three Beacons of Success

The Diamond Trading Company and its agency JWT have proved year after
year that brilliant diamond jewelry product ideas can drive immense market growth.

Each year, Modern Jeweler celebrates new diamond jewelry designs with a
special annual catalog sponsored by the Diamond Promotion Service. In years
past, the catalog has focused on one diamond jewelry category. This year, we’ve
raised the stakes and focused on three. That’s because 2007 diamond advertising
will be stronger than ever this year, promoting not just one diamond category but
several: Journey Diamond Jewelry, Three-Stone Jewelry, and Right Hand Ring.

By focusing your own marketing efforts on these three categories, you’ll be able
to maximize your benefi t from DTC advertising and promotional campaigns.
The collection of beautiful and brilliant jewelry styles in the pages that follow
is specifi cally designed to help you take advantage of the amazing sales
opportunity created by these three diamond jewelry core programs. Design
drives consumer desire, so make sure you have a great selection of compelling
new styles like these in each category.

Be sure to visit the DPS booth at the JCK Las Vegas show and
to see a selection of the Journey Diamond Jewelry, Right Hand Rings, and
Three-Stone Jewelry that is featured in this catalog and the synergistic marketing
material that is available to you.

Powerful emotion in the DTC advertising is sure to inspire consumers across America
to celebrate with diamonds, not only during the holiday season but all year long.
And, with the help of the beautiful diamond jewelry designs in this resource
guide, your store will become a diamond destination for all of life’s celebrations.

View the guide in PDF format.