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Buyer's Choice: New White Metals

Jewelers across the country are experimenting with a new palette of white metals. Although platinum on the high end, white gold in the middle, and silver at the low end are still as important as ever, new choices are adding new options to jewelers' cases across the country.

The men's wedding band category leads the way for most of the new alternatives. Titanium and tungsten carbide are now an important part of the men's band business. Most jewelers who are experimenting with palladium have also started with men's bands.

But alternative metals are beginning to spread beyond the band category. Titanium and steel are popular for men's fashion bracelets, necklaces, and accessories. Palladium is spreading to women's engagement settings and custom jewelry.

Jewelers say each metal has its appeal and a place on the modern menu of jewelry options.

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Highly polished stainless steel chain from Glamour Steel
Highly polished stainless steel chain from Glamour Steel, a division of Gold & Jewels Inc., suggested retail $135, (866) 94-STEEL.