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Buyer's Choice: Diamond Jewelry
Buyer's Choice

Ask retailers today about diamond jewelry and you'll likely hear just how good fine jewelry sales can be. Most of the jewelers Modern Jeweler queried about their diamond jewelry business couldn’t have been more pleased with sales.

That's due to several factors. First, the rise of the woman self-purchaser, who is looking for trendier styles in diamond jewelry, has resulted in major changes in the way retailers sell and merchandise their collections. What she says usually goes—or sells—retailers say, even if it’s the man, husband, or boyfriend, who foots the bill.

White gold, the perennial partner of white diamonds, continues to plug along, but there's an undeniable upsurge in yellow gold and even rose gold diamond jewelry. And while earrings, as usual, dominate sales overall, the bracelet classification—every style of bracelet—is the potential sleeper hit for fall and holiday.

Cuff bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds from Chad Allison, (877) 947-7844.

Cuff bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds
Cuff bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds from Chad Allison, (877) 947-7844.
Classic 1.05 carat diamond pendant in platinum

The Simpler, the Better
“Our diamond fashion jewelry is the bread and butter of the store. Diamond jewelry has steady sales but is not anything amazing. Earrings and pendants are our strongest selling classifications. The simple stud and three-stone drop necklaces are the most popular. The customer only wants the classic white diamond. White gold is still the leading metal for us. We are located in a small town, so the simpler the diamond fashion the better.”
— Jean Lewis, Cravens & Lewis Jewelers, Georgetown, Kentucky

Classic 1.05 carat diamond pendant in platinum from Mawad & Company, (661) 294-5226.

Diamond right-hand ring

Wrist Wranglers
“Diamond fashion jewelry has been a huge success here. We can’t stop selling it. Women are coming in and just buying. Our customer is mostly a middle age upper class woman who wants a trendy, fun look. Right-hand rings for women are one of our top sellers. We also do great with chunky circular and square pieces. Rose gold and two-tone have been doing very well. Customers are always asking for those metals. We have some great designers, Lorenzo USA, Hearts On Fire, and Derenzzo. We could be adding new lines, but right now we are just looking. Rings and bracelets are our number one sellers in diamond fashion jewelry. We expect a large increase in bracelets due to the Hollywood red carpet trends where stars are donning multiple bracelets.”
— Rebecca Mowatt, Scoville Jewelers, Glens Falls, New York

Diamond right-hand ring by Lorenzo USA, (818) 382-9702.

Necklace with gray moonstone and diamonds in 18k gold and platinum on a platinum chain

New Classics
“Here in Michigan everything is slow and steady, including sales of our diamond fashion jewelry. Our diamond sales were strongest last year but we still continue to have customers coming in to buy an item or two. Our customers prefer classic designs like ‘Journey,’ simple diamond tennis bracelets, and studs. Bracelets have been our strongest selling classification. Michael Bondanza has continued to be the most popular designer for our store. We are looking at new lines right now. We are waiting to see what is new and exciting. We have introduced rose gold but customers still prefer white gold and platinum. There has been a stronger change where our women clients have a greater influence in buying, but it is still the men who come in and make the final purchase.”
— Brian Schubot, Jules R. Schubot Jewellers, Troy, Michigan

Necklace with gray moonstone and diamonds in 18k gold and platinum on a platinum chain by Michael Bondanza, suggested retail $9,975, (212) 869-0043.

“Queen Anne’s Lace” brooch

Royal Touch
“I have worked with Suna Brothers for 15 years now, and continue to do very well. From Suna classics to their ‘Queen Anne’s Lace,’ I plan to continue to carry as much Suna Brothers now as I have in the past. I carry a little bit of everything from them, and my customers notice that. I am one of their leading retailers. They are great to work with, not to mention their designs are so elegant.”
— Michael Cook, Walter J. Cook, Paoli, Pennsylvania

“Queen Anne’s Lace” brooch from Suna Brothers, (800) 456-7862.

Eternity style diamond pendant in 14k gold

Fun and Fanciful
“More customers are starting to come in and buy fun pieces. Yellow gold is the strongest selling metal, however, we do expect rose gold to become popular within the next two years. Two-tone, platinum, and white gold are holding their own. Some of my top designers are Gottlieb & Sons, L&L Provider, and Cherie Dori. The designers I have now are amazing and have such talent. As far as colored diamonds, we are doing strong with yellow diamonds. I recently got in a lime green diamond. We have not sold it yet, but it sure attracts attention. Earrings and pendants are still the strongest selling classifications for diamond fashion. There’s a large increase in women buying their own jewelry. They tend to fall into the middle age, upper class target market.”
— Kristen Laughter, Parker’s Karat Patch, Asheville, North Carolina

Eternity style diamond pendant in 14k gold by Gottlieb & Sons, (800) 321-4960.

Diamond earrings

Custom Designs
“In Texas, diamonds are always the big thing. We do amazing sales with our diamond fashion jewelry. Mariani, J.B. Star, and Bulgari are three of our biggest sellers. We have started to narrow down our vendors and focus more on our own designs. Our private label is doing very well and we are starting to make custom diamond pieces. We have a 65 to 35 ratio of white gold to yellow gold in sales. We introduced a few pieces of rose gold but we notice that yellow gold is what’s becoming popular. Earrings have been and still are the most popular classification in the diamond department. Bracelets are starting to become more popular with women. Women are making the decisions on the jewelry and sending the men to buy it. Diamond fashion jewelry continues to grow for us.”
— Denise deBoulle, deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry, Dallas, Texas

Diamond earrings for deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry by J.B. Star, (800) 223-2277.

diamond earrings and pendant

High-end Quality
“Suna Brothers is a staple collection in my store. I could not tell you how many years I have been working with them but I find they really do stand behind their product. The quality of the pieces is remarkable. Their anniversary rings do very well for us. I do sell a little of everything from their collections. The product fits perfect in a high-end store. I order from Suna Brothers every year.”
— George Kientzy, Kientzy & Co., Delray Beach, Florida

Delicate diamond earrings and pendant from Suna Brothers, (800) 456-7862.

pendant with linked circles

Hot Pendants
“The hottest category now is diamond pendants and most of that is ‘Journey.’ The DPS promotion has really influenced the market. Journey is the strongest trend of the season. Circles are selling best. I think people are transitioning from circles to Journey. Dangler has ‘The Two of Us,’ which is great. It combines the couple with Journey. Of course, Dangler also has the diamond marriage symbol but not everyone is married. ‘The Two of Us’ is for everyone. I am expecting to see bangle sales pick up as the weather gets warmer. I have some great bangles from PJ Creations, S&R Creations, and the Henderson Collection.”
— Elva Valentine, Valentine’s, Dallas, Pennsylvania

“The Two of Us” pendant with linked circles representing the love of two people and Journey graduated diamonds representing their growing love by Dangler Studios, suggested retail $1,495, (888) DANGLER.

“Journey” diamond necklace

Diamond Journey
“Diamond fashion jewelry is doing very well in our store. ‘Journey’ jewelry is still popular with our customers. The men still come in asking for it. We do not plan to add any new designers, unless we see something really amazing. Right now we are happy with the designers we have. Allison Kaufman is one of our biggest sellers. Most of our customers are interested in 18k white gold for their diamonds. We can’t even get our customers to look at rose gold. Diamond earrings and pendants are our two biggest classifications.”
— Rob Lemme, Neugebauer’s Fine Jewelry, Rapid City, South Dakota

“Journey” diamond necklace, 0.48 carats total weight, by Allison Kaufman, (800) 800-8908.

Heart pendant

Young and Trendy
“Our diamond fashion jewelry does very well, especially with our younger customers. In Las Vegas, everyone comes in looking for new, trendy designs. Diamond fashion rings are always big sellers. I also do well with pendants and earrings. I have always catered more toward women self-purchasers, and I have noticed a large increase of women buyers. Most of our customers are younger but we do receive middle age women who are willing to spend. Blue diamonds have been very popular for us. We do create our own designs, but Kristall is our biggest seller. We are waiting to see what our diamond consultant brings to the table before we add any new lines.”
— Stezie Hayes, Morgan Jewelers, Las Vegas, Nevada

Heart pendant by Kristall Inc., (213) 624-4000.

Bracelet in 18k yellow gold with diamonds

Fashion Upswing
“Sales have increased a lot in the diamond fashion jewelry department. Marco Bicego has helped to increase not only diamond fashion jewelry sales but also the sales of yellow gold. Our customers also love Leslie Greene. We noticed that it’s about a 50-50 split of men to women who buy our diamond jewelry. Colored diamonds have not been a huge success here.”
— Brittany Adair, Romance Diamond Company Jewelers, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Bracelet in 18k yellow gold with diamonds by Marco Bicego, (866) 4-BICEGO.