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Bronze Star
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Jewelry designer Michael Good is known for his mastery of anticlastic raising, his signature technique of hand-hammering flat sheets of metal into forms that curve on two axes. The method has inspired Good as a sculptor, too. In recent years he has concentrated more on large bronzes, using anticlastic raising to create more complex forms. This year, he combined the two to create a new collection of bimetal jewelry in 22k gold and bronze. Good starts with sheets of fused 22k gold and bronze created just for him by Stern-Leach. After the sheets are hammered into shape, a patina is added to the bronze in a shade of blue, green, or orange. “The colors that can be achieved are infinite,” Avi Good says. “Each piece, while presenting a general color, is often made up of several different colors that lend an incredible richness and depth to the anticlastic form.” The combination of materials makes his classic designs look strikingly fresh and, with bronze one of the hottest new materials in jewelry today, very fashion forward. — Cheryl Kremkow

Earrings in 22k gold and bronze
Earrings in 22k gold and bronze by Michael Good, suggested retail ranges from $900 to $1,500, (207) 236-9619.