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Bold Tones Shine in Basel
The latest trends from the world's top fair

The fashion news from Baselworld 2007 is the strength of continuing jewelry trends from past seasons. Links and rose gold, two of the strongest trends at this edition of the fair, have been important for the past year.

What is new this time is more dramatic color than we have seen for many years. Although browns and neutral colors continue, many new designs this year feature bold gem tones, including ruby, rubellite tourmaline, amethyst, and blue sapphire.

Black and white continues also, either in the classic two-tone combination or all-black and all-white. Pearls are particularly strong this year, including in many collections that don’t normally feature pearls.

Many new pieces launched at the fair have a soft engraved, matte, or satin finish. Links with a softer shape and a soft-looking finish are particularly strong. A matte finish on rose gold helps to deepen and distinguish the rosy color of the metal.

The continuing focus on nature led this year to jewelry inspired by the animal kingdom, including a particular interest in sea creatures.

The strength of circles continues, too. This year there were many new designs in pendants, earrings, and cuffs featuring overlapping circles or links, giving the effect of bubbles.

Many designs featured coins and relief motifs. Actual antique coins were featured in designs by Giorgio Visconte, Gurhan, and Bulgari.

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Ruby earrings
Ruby earrings from the “Toujours” collection by F.R. Hueb of Brazil, (55) (34) 3333-2466.
Bubble links
Bubble links from Garavelli, (866) GARAVELLI.