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Blue Ribbons

Award-winning designs from the first international Tanzanite "Celebration of Life" jewelry design awards competition were presented in a gala at the New York Public Library in January. The 21 winners were selected from entries from 20 countries based on beauty, design originality, and interpretation of the theme "Be Born to Tanzanite" in five categories: luxury brands, independent designers, manufacturers, rising stars, and accessories.

The winners: Kwiat, Maria Webster for Boodles, Shaun Leane, Stephen Webster, Talento, Dima, Laurence Ratinau, Maria Canale for Suna Brothers, Rodrigo Robson, Sevan Bicakci, Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz, Colin Waylett, Ginny Dizon, Ruth Grieco, Zoltan David, Arabel Lebrusan, Claire Woolley, James Powell, Sabine Roemer, Louis Mariette, and Stuart Weitzman with Levian. The Tanzanite "Celebration of Life" jewelry collection will be showcased in London, Basel, Las Vegas, and at the Gemological Institute of America.

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Sevan Bicakci ring
Sevan Bicakci