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Black & White all Over
Jewelry Trends

Even though most of jewelry is going through a warming trend, black and white is still cool. In fact, this trend remains strong at every price point. Many new styles are adding appeal to this classic combination and the materials involved are growing, too. In addition to black and white diamonds and black onyx, designers are using white casholong opal, white agate, black tourmaline, black spinel, ebony, black and white drusy quartz and agate, and, of course, enamel. Black and white is sure to stay fresh since it is right in line with fashion’s current mod mood. It also reinforces the geometric patterns so popular in jewelry today.

Silver necklace
Silver necklace by Breuning, (678) 377-1673.
Cultured pearl ring
Cultured pearl ring by Baggins, (877) 33-PEARL.
Rings by Gabriel & Co., (800) 886-5422.
“Fantasia” pendant by Roberto Coin, (212) 486-4545.
Earrings from Zen Diamond by Med Art, (212) 302-4242.