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Jewelry this season is surprisingly fresh and new. Lush pastels and soft colors are combined in sophisticated and innovative ways.

We asked buyers to select the most important new pieces and collections they found this season. It's a guided tour to the best of New York, Tucson, and all the spring shows. Here's what they found.

A great new crop of green gems mixes as well with warm as cool colors. White sapphire and pale shades are clean and refreshing. Great new links in bold shapes, colors, and a mix of sizes and materials are adding interest to long and lean silhouettes.

New shapes add volume without adding heaviness. Wide and flat gemstone cuts, open geometrics, and a new palette of seldom-seen gemstones are making a virtue out of necessity, allowing big looks to stay affordable. Many unusual gems are being featured in one-of-a-kind pieces, some surprisingly affordable.

A great new selection of pieces that can be layered and stacked are unleashing consumer creativity. Play with these fun new ways to wear jewelry and turn your sales staff into stylists and your customers into collectors.

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rose gold jewelry by Irene Neuwirth
Some of the best new collections were in rose gold like these styles from designer Irene Neuwirth, (213) 614-7877.