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Brandon Little has some big ideas about men’s jewelry. Since beginning his Memphis, Tennessee-based jewelry company, Douglas-Ward, early this year, Little has pursued what he thinks is one of the best opportunities in the burgeoning men’s jewelry market. “Only a few years ago, there was little interest in men’s jewelry, especially high quality, fine pieces,” says Little.

Having studied, trained, and designed men’s accessories for Richemont Group in Geneva, Switzerland, and in Italy, Little has moved from inexpensive sterling silver and gold plated jewelry to 18k gold. His first collection, called “Bullion,” has a classic baguette shaped design that resembles a gold bar.

“The most common response to this line has been ‘smart,’” Little says. “The Bullion collection isn’t classic or fashion. It’s transitional by design. It’s for a wide cross section of men, not just a surf, urban, bike, or classic look. It’s not high fashion nor is it conservative. These pieces can be worn with a tuxedo or with denim.”

The baguette shapes, available in yellow, white, and red gold and cast titanium, mostly feature brushed and polished tops and edges that create a beveled effect. One of the most popular styles is a two-dimensional cuff link that looks like a cube. Suggested retails range from $295 to $6,500.

Little says travel is “one of the most important things a designer can do. When I travel—whether it’s New Orleans, New York, Miami, Geneva, or Memphis—I often drive around, spend no less than four days, and try to get a feeling of the place and its people. It’s all culture related. I create a kind of mental scrapbook.”

Little says such excursions don’t necessarily have a direct connection to his work, especially in Bullion. “But there might be a more direct connection in other collections in the future.” Adds Little, “I am in a transition from the Vallee de Joux, Switzerland, apex of the luxury watch world, to Memphis, Tennessee, the top of the barbecue world.” — Jeff Prine

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Men’s jewelry from the “Bullion” collection by Douglas-Ward, (901) 592-5319.