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Argentium International, the marketing company that has held the patent on the tarnish-resistant silver alloy since April 2008, has announced its first four “approved partner” jewelry manufacturers: Excell and Hallmark Sweet in the U.S., Pranda Group in Thailand, and Tara Jewels in India.

“To retain Argentium silver’s premium quality we have to work with world class manufacturers which have the right capabilities,” says Richard Leyens, CEO of Argentium International. “We are partnering with manufacturers who not only have the right expertise, but also those who are motivated to promote and sell Argentium to their customers and beyond.” He says he hopes to see 10 to 15 more manufacturer partners by the end of the year.

Leyens says that Argentium is positioned to eventually become the world’s leading endorser brand for precious metals, like Intel for computers or Swarovski for crystal. “In precious metals, no one is supporting the industry with an end-consumer brand,” Leyens says. Initially, the company plans to support the market with sales materials, artwork, and brand endorsement, with consumer marketing planned for the future.

Argentium Silver is a patented silver alloy that contains copper and germanium, available in both a 970 and 925 fineness. Although it sells at a premium to generic silver, it may not always cost more for the manufacturer, says Art Sorakraikitikul, business development manager of Pranda. “We did a cost analysis and, depending on the item, Argentium can be very cost competitive with using 925 silver and rhodium plating it.”

“Manufacturers under duress who are moving from gold into silver will want to use a premium silver,” Leyens says. “If silver is the new gold, Argentium is the new silver.”

bracelet in Argentium Silver

“Eternal Silver” bracelet in Argentium Silver from U.K. jewelry retailer Ernest Jones, manufactured by approved partner PRANDA.