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If you walked by the HighChi booth at the JA Show this summer, you’d assume this new collection is a fashionable designer jewelry line, with charms featuring geometric symbols and images of gods and goddesses. You’d be wrong, company president Deborah Stuart says: “We’re not a jewelry company, we’re an energy medicine company.” Stuart says that all HighChi pieces resonate at 7.83 hertz and are energized to expand a wearer’s sense of well-being and counteract negative energy from cell phones and other electromagnetic fields. After a career in fashion, Stuart began making meditation systems 12 years ago. Her first jewelry collection is designed to offer the same technology in a more portable format. “We wanted to create energy that everyone could wear,” Stuart says. Pendants, earrings, and rings are sterling silver, sterling silver with 23k gold plating, 14k gold, and gems which “amplify” the energy. Retails range from $49 to $1,799.

While HighChi is the most sophisticated example of healing jewelry, it’s not alone. Earlier this year, actress Shirley MacLaine also launched Chakra Sky Jewelry, which is a tool for “keeping our chakra frequencies aligned.” The line features unusual rings to wear high on the finger. And Energy Muse markets its beaded jewelry as having healing crystal power. Is energy jewelry a trend in the making? — Cheryl Kremkow

All HighChi jewelry comes with directions for activation. To release negative emotions, hold a HighChi pendant in your left hand between your thumb and your index finger. With your right hand, make a fist with your thumb on the outside and flick your fingers against your thumb, acknowledging the negative emotion and releasing it.

To manifest desires, hold the pendant in your left hand and ask for what you desire with focused intention. Visualize yourself having what you want with all the love, gratitude, and excitement you can feel and hold that image and feeling for 33 seconds. Then let go of your visualization and release your desire to the universe with gratitude, knowing it is already done. For best results, repeat three times.

citrine pendants on a euro link chain
From the “Gods & Goddesses” collection, “Kwan Yin,” “White Tara,” and citrine pendants on a euro link chain, all sterling with 23k gold plating from HighChi, suggested retail $666, (415) 868-9050.