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A Vision for Gems
Jewelry Scene

Swarovski launched its sixth annual “Gem Visions” trend forecast at the JCK Show in Las Vegas. Each year, Gem Visions identifies four major design directions for the coming year. For 2009, the mega trends forecasted are “Gemetic,” “D. Fraction,” “Precious Me,” and “HyperNature.”

“Gemetic” is organic and sensual minimalism. This trend evokes lightness and transparency. Pure forms and colors are shaped by a fascination with modern biotechnology: bubbles and drops, cellular forms, and webs. Mosaics, layers of translucent material, and textures are important. The palette is creamy, clean, neutrals. Think test tubes, amoebas, and pale greens, blues, and yellows.

“D. Fraction” follows a strong architectural movement, drawing inspiration from contemporary urban environments. This trend is inspired by light diffraction and reflection. Important are armor-like jewels and designs that transform slices of light into origami-like works of art, with rainbow colors influenced by shadows. The palette is urban darks punctuated by fresh pastels and whites. Think pleated fans, DNA spirals, rainbow and tonal patterns, and natural crystal shapes.

“Precious Me” is a blend of personal and cultural heritages. Vintage romance meets mystical talismans. The jeweled opulence of India’s maharajah and lavish tapestries inspire the mood. Key elements are coins, medals, cameos, lockets, and found objects. The palette is burnished gold, bronze, terracotta purples, and greens, with antiqued finishes and tone-on-tone effects.

“HyperNature” reflects our preoccupation with the natural world and the survival of the planet. The jewelry is sculptural statements with floral and marine inspiration as well as abstract and stylized seeds, twigs, and roots. There is an emphasis on the predatory aspects of nature such as thorns and jellyfish, not just flowers. Precious metals are mixed with unexpected materials. Colors are bright pinks, blues, and yellows with opal, moonstone, and whites.

Swarovski also launched a new brand for its gemstones and created stones called “Enlightened-Swarovski Elements.” In a lavish world launch in Basel in April and its U.S. launch in Las Vegas in June, the worldwide gemstone brand, formerly marketed under the trade name Signity as part of a joint venture with Golay, made its debut as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swarovski.

In addition to serving as a trade brand for the company’s precious cut gemstones, cubic zirconia, and other products, the Enlightened brand can be used by designers and manufacturers as an ingredient brand.

Enlightened product tags and point of sale materials will be available, and ingredient branding partners will have access to custom communications and promotional materials. The emotion-laden new campaign for the brand launch was created by Nick Knight, a globally known photographer who specializes in special effects.

The range of Enlightened gemstones includes sapphire, ruby, rhodolite garnet, peridot, amethyst, citrine, and topaz, each in a spectrum of precisely defined colors. The brand also offers a wide palette of created stones, including ruby, sapphire, peridot, and spinel, in numerous shades, and many colors of cubic zirconia. Pre-set, ready to use gemstone elements, including JewelMesh and JewelChain are also available.

To help designers translate the Gem Visions trends into jewelry, Enlightened created a new cut, “SQ round,” a half square, half round that resembles a pear shape with corners.

Swarovski's "D. Fraction" trend is illustrated in this silver design by PAJ Group, (214) 688-0088.
Gem Visions forecasts a
Gem Visions forecasts a "Gemetic" trend in 2009, such as this mosaic ring by designer Carla Nuis of the Netherlands.