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A Real Stretch
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Herco stretch bracelets

These lightweight gold bracelets from Herco may not look unusual at first. But when you place your finger inside and pull, you’ll discover what makes them unusual: They stretch a few inches away from your wrist and then pull back into shape. “They expand and contract like a rubber band,” explains Ron Itelman of Herco. “We’ve had a very good response since they are fun and new and something to talk about with customers.” The 14k gold bracelets, 3mm in width and a lightweight 1.4 grams, come in four colors: yellow, rose, white, and black. The bracelets retail for just $98, so they stretch your budget, too.
— Cheryl Kremkow


Stretch bracelets in 14k gold from Herco, suggested retail $98 each, (800) 864-0767,