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A New Day for Botswana Diamonds
Jewelry Scene

Day’s Jewelers in Maine is the first U.S. jeweler to sell certified Botswana “Source Veritas” diamonds. The diamonds are supplied by DTC sightholder Motiganz and certified by GCAL. “The made in Botswana initiative is just one of many demonstrations that jewelers do care,” says Jeff Corey, Day’s Jewelers president. “Our sales associates and customers are thrilled that we can do something tangible to truly help our world to become a better place.”

Motiganz receives its rough diamonds primarily from Botswana and operates a cutting factory in the country. Motiganz uses GCAL’s Gemprint to track each diamond as it is sourced, cut, and polished in Botswana and then sent to the U.S. market.

The Botswana diamonds were launched at a November gala for Day’s new store in Portland, Maine, that benefited the city’s junior league. Staff educated customers about the concept of beneficiation, the idea that cutting and polishing should be conducted in-country to maximize the local economic contribution.

Botswana diamonds at Day’s Jewelers, Portland, Maine.
Botswana diamonds at Day’s Jewelers, Portland, Maine.